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Visual & Performing Arts

Learning In the Arts

At all Partnerships to Uplift Communities schools, the arts are considered a core subject and are viewed as an essential component to student learning and success. Although the arts taught at each site vary, they range in discipline including visual art, theatre, music, dance, photography, film production, and media arts. At PUC, we believe core arts classes promote learning, creativity, skills and knowledge in the visual & performing arts. Students learn a new set of skills and language specific to an entirely new discipline, which is learning that is valuable in itself. PUC students involved in the arts also develop skills and behaviors that are not arts-specific, such as creative problem-solving, time management, increased self-esteem, and critical thinking skills.

The PUC Arts Program will also give the student body a wide range of experiences in the arts as well as the chance to concentrate on specific areas of interest in middle or high school. The arts prepare our students to be leaders of the 21st century with an appreciation and knowledge in and of the arts. The core classes in middle school provide the students with the necessary tools to prepare them for completion of their “f” requirement in high school.

Learning Through the Arts

In addition to learning in the arts, the PUC Arts Program also facilitates learning through the arts. Learning through the arts refers to using the arts in service of learning other content, unlike learning in the arts where the primary objective is to learn the arts as a core discipline. Learning through the arts involves using the arts, in various parts of a lesson and throughout the learning cycle, to help access, clarify and demonstrate content.