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Since the opening of our first school in 1999, a variety of athletics and team sports programs have been developed at the school sites. We view our students holistically and believe that if a student is physically healthy and fit, the student’s learning and academic achievement will be enhanced. Therefore, we strive to instill a commitment to health and fitness in our students. In addition, we believe that the school experience should provide each student with a variety of activities and opportunities, including physical education and team sports.

In order to accomplish these goals, we provide engaging and creative physical education programs at each of the school sites during the regular instructional day. Our physical education teachers serve as positive role models for our students and provide them with a myriad of athletic experiences that are health enhancing, relaxing and enjoyable. In addition, our physical education programs enhance our students’ skills in the areas of working collaboratively and in teams. Numerous competitive team sports programs are also offered at the PUC schools that include CIF and Intramural sports. These teams practice and play after the regular school day, in a variety of leagues. The specific composition and variety of team sports programs is unique to each school. To find out about the sports offerings at our school, please contact our school’s office.