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About Our School

Founded in 2009, PUC Nueva Esperanza Charter Academy’s – a Title I Academic Achievement Award-Winning and WASC Accredited School – mission is to develop and operate a high quality charter public school for the residents of San Fernando and beyond. In alignment with the commitments of all PUC schools, the goal of our WASC accredited school program and culture is that all of our students will aspire to graduate from college with a commitment to serve their communities. We uplift and revitalize communities through our work.


Our school excels in academics focus. In particular our guided reading program ensures all students are reading novels that are specific to their individual needs and relevant to their interests. Online programs such as Think Through Math and Achieve 3000 target skills essential to adolescence development and are differentiated to each student’s unique academic level. All teachers at our school are teachers of literacy, which ensures every student is reading and writing in every class throughout the day. Our focus means that students are consistently moving toward and beyond grade level standards.


In our after school programs our students are exposed to an array of extra curricular activities. Our athletic program is known for building athletes who are involved in soccer, basketball, volleyball, cheer, and softball. In all areas students compete in regional and often national competitions. Our girls’ soccer team is undefeated two years running and both the girls softball and boys and girls volleyball teams are regional champions. Our cheer team competed in nationals this year and placed among the top teams in the country. Besides sports, students are able to participate in clubs throughout the academic year including cooking, photography, journalism, music, beat making and health and conditioning.


Parent engagement is central to the development of our community and we are proud to offer a variety of opportunities for our families to learn and grow. Last year we piloted PIQE (Parents Institute for Quality Education) which offered a series of workshops including health screenings, fitness, and post secondary education. In partnership with YPI, our parents were also exposed to Padres Comprometidos curriculum which entailed a series of sessions that were similar to what was offered during PIQE. Highlights of the NCLR (National Council of La Raza) sponsored curriculum included computer literacy and English language learning.


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